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NeoCon 2018 Product Preview



Each year, Maharam transforms its Chicago showroom into an open gallery space in which a minimum of product can be shown to its best advantage. Their overall presentation is sure to keep you interested and interacted. Recent projects include collaborations with names like Paul Smith, Hella Jongerius, Alexander Gerard, and many more. Maharam textiles are included in the permanent collections of the Art Institute of Chicago, the Museum of Modern Art, and the Stedelijk Museum, among others. Maharam is the recipient of the Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum Design Patron Award (2007) for its longstanding support of design and cultural initiatives. (Booth 1188)

bilgolia lounge.jpg


We have our eye on this minimal yet sophisticated lounge chair. Its neutral, earthy tones provide a welcoming environment to its otherwise architectural framework. Inspired by the Australian modernist architecture prevalent on Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Bilgola is a lightweight lounge chair. The chair features an exposed linear frame, paired with a canvas sling support and voluminous cushions. The piece is stackable and appropriate for residential and commercial use. (Booth 7- 10058)

between the lines.jpg


For those interested in functional, fashionable and durable textiles. Beauty meets performance with confident and modern interpretations of the stripe. Color and line work are expertly combined in this collection of high performance fabrics. Vinyl and polyurethane fabrics combine high durability with easy clean-ability. All fabrics are stain & water resistant, making them an excellent choices for high traffic areas. This collection is great for commercial, corporate and especially healthcare. It has high durability and is bleach cleanable. Some custom colors available with a minimum of 600 yards. (Booth 1111)



Halcon is no stranger to NeoCon, winning Best of awards several years in a row. Their chic table system is high on our list for visiting this year. The new line MOTUS is a collection of adaptable folding tables and mobile accessories that allows an effortless transformation from boardroom to flexible, multi-use space. The design is clean, modern, and timeless. The functional elements of table ganging, caster locking, leveling, cable management, and power distribution have all been thoughtfully engineered to simplify the user experience. MOTUS delivers advanced function within the form of a design classic. (Booth 10-121)

square one.jpg


Space Division. Redefined. Square One is the clean, simple way to provide space division, functionality, and architectural design to any zone within the working environment. With individual building blocks that securely connect to one another and accessories like dry erase boards, acrylic inserts, tackable and acoustical panels, the personalization of Square One is only limited to your imagination. Square One is made of solid wood, providing a sustainable material for the workplace and bringing warmth and beauty to any space. (Booth 1054A)

swings collection.jpg


Swing by David Edwards’ booth for a peak at their newest collection “Swings“. Swings are an aesthetic piece of furniture, simple enough to blend with the surrounding setting. It allows people of any age to feel like a child while getting their blood flowing and heart rate up. Swinging allows the individual to control and produce the momentum by pumping their legs. Lastly, it allows them to practice balance both physically as well as between work and play. (Booth 331)

coart acoustics.jpg


dTank Furniture takes a new approach to dealing with sound, space, and art. Their newest product, CoArt Acoustics, combines an effective acoustic solution with custom and ready-made art, offering interiors endless configurations for a custom fit. CoArt Acoustics is a framed acoustical panel wrapped with a printed fabric that serves a variety of purposes but most notably solves acoustical issues while branding a space with ready-made or custom art. Key features include double-sided and interchangeable art fabric, dry-cleanable fabric up to 100 feet long, and turnkey installation. (Booth 7-2004)

bandas space.jpg


Bandas Space is a playful line of rugs with unlimited flexibility. Use them alone, place them end to end for a long runner, or mix and match patterns to create wider rugs with unique designs. The unique combination of texture and linework makes it a must see at this years NeoCon. The line is designed by Patricia Urquiola. Crafted of rich wool and embellished with a variety of decorative techniques, Bandas Space brings the warmth and comforts of home to the workplace. (Booth 312)



The Tactility Collection by Suzanne Tick explores the diversity and expressive nature of a surface through fiber, structure, color, pattern, and dimension. The collection offers new classics, modernized through pattern and color. Patterns and constructions are inspired by time-honored textile techniques, such as quilting, moire effects, and spinning. The palettes reflect a more nuanced and experimental approach to color by offering a broader selection of softer shades and tech-inspired brights. (Booth 1043)

Coart Events Press

NeoCon Press Release



CoArt Acoustics presents line of acoustical configurations and new art collections for branded commercial interiors.


dTank will be presenting CoArt Acoustics, a complete acoustical art system that combines an effective acoustic solution with custom and ready-made art collections at The Mart in Chicago on June 11-13th. NeoCon serves as the commercial design industry’s launch pad for innovation- showcasing ideas and products that shape the built environment today and into the future. CoArt Acoustics is a framed acoustical panel wrapped with a printed fabric that serves a variety of purposes but most notably solves acoustical issues while branding a space with ready-made or custom art. Key features include double-sided and interchangeable art fabric, dry-cleanable fabric up to 100 feet long, and turnkey installation.

CoArt offers interiors seven different acoustical configurations from being mounted against a wall, hung from the ceiling, to a moveable freestanding option. The sleek, high-end frame and innovative suspension technology can also be used to divide a space, create privacy or be used as a design element. The system received a 0.8 NRC acoustic rating and Class A fire rating. From acoustic effectiveness and corporate branding to providing inspiring and welcoming spaces, those working in healthcare, educational, corporate or commercial environments will find CoArt Acoustics the solution to enhancing the performance of their space. CoArt will also be launching its latest ready-made Art Collections curated with an array of tones, hues, and color ways. With the option of custom branded art, the final product provides the exact look, feel, and functionality for any space.

“After nearly two decades of working with architects, designers, and end users, we began to see a need for functional, branded acoustical art to correct and prevent architectural sound problems. We created CoArt as a multifunctional system that enables a collaborative and turnkey experience for our clients. By implementing this process we create an adaptive, high-quality product with meaningful art that tells a story.” explains Principal, Reto Eberle. “We see NeoCon as the ultimate platform for launching a product like CoArt, giving us the opportunity to get our product directly in front of the design community.”

dTank’s experience in the industry and ability to adapt to customer needs allow them to continually innovate and develop relevant solutions. All products are manufactured in the United States, using the most advanced materials and fabrication techniques. Interior designers, architects, and end users alike seeking to treat inconvenient acoustic reverberations can visit us on the 7th floor at booth #2004 or call us at (818) 252-3888. We are also available via email at For more information on dTank’s custom services as well as CoArt acoustical products, visit our website here.



Driven by art, functionality, and interior design, CoArt combines acoustics with art, to make acoustics beautiful and art functional. No project small or large deters the creative and innovative ambition of CoArt, providing acoustical solutions across various industries, with an understanding of each environment and their acoustic requirements. CoArt provides full turnkey, concept to installation, service to every client.


For over 20 years, dTank has been a leader in furniture customization. dTank specializes in working with architects and designers to create custom furniture solutions for corporate, healthcare, educational and commercial spaces. We continue to revolutionize the industry by creating sophisticated environments that incorporate the latest ergonomic features and technology solutions. With over two decades of collaboration we have developed a diverse set of clients, from budding creative firms to Fortune 500 companies.



(818) 252-3888

Booth 7-2004

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Think Tank: AI in the Workplace

A discussion on the basis of artificial intelligence opened the panel while the speakers examined their own understanding of AI versus what we see in movies and entertainment. Do we fully understand it? The answer was not definite. Insights were made on how we might incorporate it into the Los Angeles community. To be more specific, AI was discussed in regards to each service sector, and how AI might affect workers and their respective industries.


  1. Geoff Wardle; Executive Director, Graduate Transportation Systems & Design, Art Center
  2. Frances Anderton, Executive Producer & Host; DNA Design & Architecture, KCRW
  3. Ashley Z. Hand, AIA Leed AP; Co-Founder, CityFi
  4. Clive Wilkinson FAIA RIBA; President, Clive Wilkinson Architects


Kicking it off, Ashley discussed AI’s service to Urban Development. As it is now, there are many systems in place that help Los Angeles streets and infrastructure function and support our lifestyles and daily commutes. By implementing AI we would be granted access to powerful information. With that information comes the job of turning it into actual knowledge that will be useful to companies like CityFi. For instance, if the AI is telling us where certain pot holes are around the city, that is only half the job. Someone has to then go out and fix the pot holes. AI is only half the solution; human involvement to understand and critically think is the other half. Technology does not solve or overwrite what already exists, it merely brings in new information which must be in conversation with the analog throughout generations. Additionally, we must make sure we are moving forward together and not leaving anyone behind considering the widening social gap


Geoff followed this by claiming that information is at the root of human control. When it comes to artificial intelligence, it is the possibility of not being in control that frightens us most. Being able to control and ultimately understanding that information will keep the average person and society at large at ease. For instance, people in Los Angeles are hesitant to use public transportation because they are comfortable and in control when driving their own car. Whether they are sitting in hours of traffic or not, they are steering and can depend on that time frame because they are used to taking that route. So does being in control come from knowledge or experience? Additionally, while AI, if used properly, can offer certain information and improve our quality of life, it can also have the potential to harm our need to critical think. Therefore, we must be aware of other people making decisions for our life that we disagree with or cannot argue against.


Frances recalled a discussion in which a panel of representatives for Tesla proposed the rather frightening idea of the housing industry being taken over by the idea of a ‘smart home’ – where your house collects information about you, your needs and more. The representatives concluded their discussion, noting that the cons may outweigh the pros due to the liability involved and the potential hacking activities that could occur. So we should ask ourselves, is it worth it? Is it something that will ultimately benefit us or are we just consumers that are buying things we don’t necessarily need? Technology is not always a panacea and as a community we need to decide what we want the future of our city and how AI will contribute. In the end, knowledge is power.


Clive Wilkinson spoke on AI’s infiltration of the workplace and the subsequent ‘descaling’ of the corporate structure. While large corporations still exist and always will, we are seeing numbers shrink in small to medium businesses. In LA, freelancing jobs and co-working spaces have been on the rise. In London this year, co-working spaces overtook tech corporate makeup in numbers for the first time ever. So when dealing with AI in the workplace, we are seeing ‘smart buildings’ coming into the conversation, but similar to what Frances mentioned, is there actually a market? The basic premise of a smart building is that it would interfere wherever technology currently exists, for example, adjusting airflow based on how many people are in the room, lighting when you walk in and out, and learning basic patterns of the people who work in that space and connecting with them through their smart phones. Those who would have access to smart buildings would be companies with large numbers of employees which leaves two sectors: large corporations like Google and large co-working spaces like WeWork.

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Best of NeoCon 2017

At this year’s NeoCon 2017 in Chicago we saw many overarching themes, trends, and motifs in product design and presentation. Here are the brands that caught our eye!


After working with SiS Ergo on a recent project with RIC Ability Lab in Chicago,

we continue to be impressed by their dedication to innovative design aimed

at the multifaceted user. Here are a few designs that caught our eye and

are the stepping stones to integrating ergonomics into the workplace.

Styled Sit-Stand solutions from the S Collection

From the SiS Ergo Aura™ Collection

Reversed panel from the SiS Ergo Aura™ Collection


The ultimate solution to organizational problems. Visual Magnetics‘ minimal aesthetic clearly demonstrates its ability to de-clutter a space. Whether it’s the workplace, healthcare and hospitality, or retail design, Visual Magnetics has branded its product for those who are in need of a stylish and systematic way to run a business

Dry Erase Wallcoverings

Custom Dry Erase with Mindlayers™ sticky notes and magnetic accessories


Being heavily involved in the fabrication process of furniture design and production, we appreciate when the limits of any given material are pushed. Garett Leather can be applied across all industries and is considered an interior designer’s best friend when it comes to creating an authentic space.

Glam Sheepskin Collection

Alpine Tiles Wall Application

Eclectic Sample Wall


 Last but not least, 3form took us to the tropics with their sunset gradient acrylic wall panels. Their creativity speaks
not only to the brand but to the design industry as a whole. Additionally, we got to see some of their latest acrylic samples which did not disappoint.

Installation exhibiting Acrylic Wall Panels

3form Sample Wall